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Thank You Winter Formal Supporters

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, treats, and money for Cleveland’s Winter Formal on February 3. Students were so excited about the free food and beverages, which included everything from heart-shaped macarons and sparkling apple cider to homemade focaccia, lumpia, and halal cupcakes.

About 200 students attended Winter Formal and with your help, we made it a night to remember. Special thanks to PTSA event leads Denise Dennis & Castalia Simon for organizing.

Winter Formal Donors & Event Volunteers
Amanda Sadler
Carlito Umali
Castalia Simon
Denise Dennis
Drew Dillhunt
Ebony Booker
Gillian Burlingham
Gynevill VillanuevaJ
enna Calixto
Jennifer Stanley
John Bernier
Kim Campbell
Latonya Patterson
Leah Alvarado
Lee Brunk
Libby Page
Lisa Nakamura
Madeline Moy
Marilee Jolin
Mary Ramolete
Michelle Johnson
Mira Posner-Collins
Napsiyah Sallee
Rose Rosario
Sarah Stachowiak
Sheryl Warshal
Suyan Wen
Sydney McComas
Tamara Dyer
Tammy MoralesT
eresa Mulholland
Thadeus Tucker
Veronica Cannon
Xiuzhu Li