Black Family Brunch slated for Feb. 9

Family engagement event puts focus on Black parent involvement


From staff reports, Cleveland Journal reporters

From staff reports

Cleveland will hold its second annual event catered to Black families on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019. The Black Family Bruch will be hosted by Cleveland’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and the Black Student Union (BSU) ahead of the National African American Parent Involvement Day on Feb. 12.

The event is an opportunity for black families, families of African descent and parents of black students to learn more about how to support their students and each other. It is also a time for parents to share what they want from the school and how CHS can do better in supporting black students and families.

Although Cleveland is roughly 93 percent students of color and the PTSA board members are mostly women of color, the participation among black families has been low.

Last year’s event was made possible after Connie So, formerly the PTSA’s vice president, won a $400 grant that was designated for Black family engagement. Cleveland’s Family Engagement Action Team (FEAT) was brought on board to help with the planning. This year, So, along with PTSA vice president Cristi Devers, won a grant from the National PTSA to sponsor an event focused on health and wellness. The plan is to tie the two events together and aim them at families of color. The health and wellness fair will take place on Feb. 13, 2019.

Teresa Scribner, the PTSA faculty liaison, helped produce a video featuring former members of BSU. She said she hopes the event will be a wake-up call for black parents and students.

“There are only four Black classroom teachers at Cleveland,” Scribner said. “We can’t do all the heavy lifting on our own. We need Black parents to be present for their students, and not just at home but also in the classroom, on the PTSA … We need them to be a visible force.”

Nearly 70 people showed up for last year’s event. The PTSA is hoping for more families to turn out this year. For more information on how to help or to be a part of the event, contact the PTSA at [email protected].