November 2018 Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)


Sample Student, Editor-in-Chief

Cleveland STEM High School PTSA
Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2018
6-7:15 p.m.

Attendance: Connie So, Erin Bell, Cristi Devers, Andrew Cornel, Tracy Patterson, Teresa Scribner, Terri Hansen

Principal Breland’s Report
(Principal Breland was absent)

Funding Requests ($250 and above)
Arts & Humanities / Cultural Enrichment
$1,200 To cover the cost of discounted tickets ($5 per student) for two 9th grade classes to attend the play “A People’s History” at the Seattle Reparatory Theater.
Approved Motion to approve – Cristi / Seconded – Erin / Motion approved without dissent.

Family Support
$255.44 For four cap, gown, and tassel sets to loan to senior families.
Approved Motion to approve – Tracy / Seconded – Erin / Motion approved without dissent.

Physical Wellness
$190 Shelving for storing potable water containers off the ground.
Approved Motion to approve – Tracy / Seconded – Erin / Motion approved without dissent.

PTSA Report & Business
• Grants
o Muckleshoot Tribe Grant ($5,000) – PTSA will apply (Connie and Tracy)
o 2019 National PTSA Take Your Family to School Week Grant — Cleveland PTSA applied for and was awarded $1000 to address health and safety in honor of Black History Month.
 The use period is between February 10-17, 2019. The PTSA will coordinate with CHS to confirm a day and time for the event. Representatives from the National and State PTSA and Home Depot will attend.

Upcoming Events
o PTSA is invited to host a table at the CHS Multicultural Night on December 19, 2018, for raffle ticket sales and to provide information about the CHS PTSA.
o A PTSA newsletter is being developed and will be mailed during the week of January 7, 2019, to include the PTSA registration form, PTSA events, and how people can help.
o Seattle Public Schools (SPS) recently informed all PTSA that it would remove portions of the SPS website that had previously been dedicated to PTSA activities. The SPS action was in response to a concern about its hosting of PTSA pages on the SPS website being considered a gift of public funds that does not directly support its educational mission (the Washington State Constitution prohibits public entities from using public funds for non-public purposes).
 Although the CHS PTSA maintains a Facebook page and contracts for a (separate) service to manage procurement for and funds collected from the annual auction, the primary fundraising event, a PTSA website would enable more people to access information and increase flexibility for site content. SPS will allow a link from its website to a (separate) PTSA website for those who start their search for PTSA information on the SPS website.
 It is not feasible for the PTSA executive committee to create and maintain a website, and efforts to date to find a volunteer or subsidized service have been unsuccessful.
• Cleveland Publications is familiar with and recommends use of School Newspapers Online (SNO) to develop a website. Teresa will investigate cost and availability for this purpose.

o 32 current members
o Down from 144 members at the end of the 2017-2018 school year

o Transfer to current Treasurer still in process. A full report will be provided at the next meeting.

o The draft minutes for the October 16, 2018 meeting were approved, subject to the discussed clarifications.

• Students working in Cleveland Publications were awarded 1st place for Photojournalist of the Year and Newspaper Page Design by the Journalism Education Association.
• Ms. Stark is on leave for the birth of her baby and will return in May.
• Approximately 18 items have been procured so far for the Annual CHS Auction (on May 4), including a Frans Chocolate tour and a boat trip. PTSA seeks help with procurement. Please contact the PTSA if you can help and/or if you have a contact for a business or service that is willing to provide a donation.
• Tickets for the car and other raffle items began in early November. Tickets will be sold at home basketball games. Only PTSA members can sell tickets, so please sign up. For more information or to sell tickets, email [email protected]
• Next meeting on Tuesday January 15, 2019 from 6-7:15 pm. in Room 1162 (CPub).
• Adjourned at 7:16 p.m.